BTL #12: Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes// Old Bank Residency, Manchester

Friday 2nd August 2019 at 7:00pm – Get Tickets

dir. Graham L. Carter / Year: 2018 / Runtime: 73 minutes / Format: Digital / Price: £5.00 / Tickets

Jerry (David Kendrick) and Carl (Sonny Carl Davis) have conned their way from one small Texas town to another and the plan for their final con goes haywire when one of them falls in love with Maureen (Morgana Shaw). And there’s a bumbling P.I. (Frank Mosely) out for vengeance and hot on their trail. Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes is a musical comedy based on “Two Gallants” by James Joyce and the songs of John Prine.

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Graham L. Carter’s low-budget film is unabashedly romantic — full of colour and soaring musical segments. Set in a hazy movie-world of conmen, private detectives and smoky neon-lit bars, Shoot the Moon Between the Eyes was also the winner of the Special Jury Prize at Indie Memphis.

The film is presented here as a UK Premiere at Now Showing Club in association with local film programmers Bigger Than Life.

“Natural, gentle, and human. The film surges with swoony romanticism, presented without a wink of irony.”
Sheila O’Malley,

“My favourite undistributed movie of 2018.”
Stephen Cone (Director, Princess Cyd)