BTL x Arrow Film Club:  King of New York & The Addiction // Chapeltown Picture House

Saturday 10th July 2021 at 7:00pm – Get Tickets

The first in a series of double bills in partnership with Arrow Video at Chapeltown Picture House, we travel to nocturnal New York for a night of heady shootouts and frenzied bloodlust from the mind of cult director Abel Ferrara. 


dir. Abel Ferrara / Year: 1990 / Runtime: 109 minutes / Format: 4K Digital

Christopher Walken is King of New York in Abel Ferrara’s frantic, hip-hop infused pop-gangster-masterpiece. The actor stars as Frank White, a Machiavellian drug kingpin newly released from prison and determined to reclaim the city from the vicious mob bosses, amoral Triad leaders and crooked cops who have sprung up in his absence. 

Co-written by Ferrara and long-time collaborator Nicholas St. John, this electric vision of a trash-strewn, drug-filled nineties New York near bursts with gloriously overblown set pieces, skewed moralities and outlandish characters. It also provides an early showcase for the likes of Laurence Fishbourne and Wesley Snipes, as well as Schooly D’s confrontational anthem “Am I Black Enough For You?”


dir. Abel Ferrara / Year: 1995 / Runtime: 82 minutes / Format: Digital

Lili Taylor plays a philosophy student completing her doctorate in downtown Manhattan in Abel Ferrara’s sleazily high-minded riff on the vampire mythos. Filmed in stark black and white, The Addiction fuses orgiastic bloodlust with philosophical musings, weaving in the full history of 20th Century atrocities in order to interrogate the nature of human sin.

Again co-written with Nicholas St. John, the film takes on an episodic structure as Taylor’s character gradually succumbs to vampyric yearnings after a late night encounter with a bloodsucker (Annabella Sciorra) on the streets by her subterranean apartment. This raw, intensely personal take on a familiar subject matter also benefits from an unforgettable cameo from Christopher Walken.

These screenings will be introduced by Tom Grieve and Jim Laycock, programmers at Bigger Than Life. Tickets are £7.50 per film, or £10 for the double bill. There will be an intermission.

Chapeltown Picture House is a 100-seat 4K capable cinema set within GRUB Manchester. For accessibility information click here. Covid-19 protocols can be found here.