Everything was expressed in that dance. Claire Denis on Beau Travail.

by Jason Wood

Originally published in Enthusiams, the following interview with Claire Denis is reproduced with thanks to Jason Wood, Creative Director: Film and Culture at HOME and Professor of Film at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

“But in that first take, in just one take everything was said, for Denis, for the crew, for all the actors. That one take was the end of Djibouti. It was finished. Everything was expressed in that dance.”

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Desiring Bodies: Claire Denis and Beau Travail

by Ellen Smith

We invited writer and programmer Ellen Smith to explore Claire Denis’ Beau Travail ahead of our 35mm screening at HOME on Thursday 23rd May:

“But before we make the expedition into space with High Life, it seems only right to first revisit the film in which Denis’ approach seems most in tune with the Earth’s landscape, her greatest examination of desire and the body: Beau Travail.”

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