BTL #2: Black Narcissus// Stockport Plaza

Sunday 2nd September 2018 at 7pm

dir. Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger / Year: 1947 / Runtime: 100 minutes / Certificate: U / Format: 35mm / Price: £7.50 / Get Tickets

Bigger Than Life is proud to present a 35mm screening of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s 1947 film, Black Narcissus at Stockport Plaza on Sunday 2nd September with an introduction by film scholar, Andrew Moor.

Powell and Pressburger’s electric vision of a group of nuns charged with turning a remote Himalayan palace into a working mission is widely regarded as one of the greatest British films ever made. Starring Deborah Kerr and Kathleen Byron, Black Narcissus crackles with repressed sexuality as the nuns’ ordered resolve is tested by howling winds, difficult terrain and the arrival of David Farrarr’s rakish handyman. Speaking later, director Michael Powell would call it “the most erotic film that I have ever made.”

In order to properly showcase Jack Cardiff’s ravishing three-strip Technicolor cinematography, the screening at Stockport Plaza will be from a 35mm print, delivered courtesy of Park Circus. The cinematographer famously toiled alongside art director Alfred Junge — both would win Academy Awards for their efforts — to recreate the film’s Indian landscape on sets in Pinewood Studios and a subtropical garden in Horsham to spectacular ends — their work resulting in a feverish, hyper-real atmosphere that emphasises the mounting psychological turmoil of the characters.

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Moor to introduce the screening of Black Narcissus. Andrew Moor is Reader in Cinema History at Manchester Metropolitan University and a noted scholar on Powell and Pressburger. He is the author of Magic Spaces: The Cinema of Powell and Pressburger (I.B. Tauris, 2012) and co-editor with Ian Christie of Michael Powell: International Perspectives on an English Filmmaker (BFI, 2005)

Tickets are available here.